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5 Rules To Kayaking For Beginners

When it comes to fishing from a kayak, no other method can provide the adventure and ability to reach areas inaccessible by other anglers. But with kayaking comes the five golden rules that every kayaker should know and practice. These rules will help you to stay safe while out on the water and help you better enjoy your time catching plenty of fish. 

Wear a Life Jacket

You probably already guessed that this one would be on here, but wearing a life jacket is easily the number one rule when kayaking. Wearing a life jacket is similar to wearing a seat belt in a vehicle. While it can be done without it, wearing it can help save your life should an accident occur. 

For fishing, there are specially made life jackets that are low profile and will stay out of the way of you and your gear while fishing. They even feature things like pockets and compartments in order to help store and organize your gear. No matter what your life jacket looks like, however, don’t ever forget to wear it!

Leave No Trace

The second rule is a general outdoor rule that should be followed by anyone that ventures outside. Leave no trace means that you make sure that you leave an area cleaner than it was when you first got there. Not only does this show respect for the environment, but it helps to keep the fishing waters clean and healthy. 

Learn to Paddle and Handle the Kayak

Next, it is important to spend some time learning how to properly paddle and handle a kayak. While many kayaks are very stable and easy to use, learning how to actually paddle and use it will help you be a better angler and even keep you safer while out on the water. Even if your kayak is easy to use, make sure you know the ins and outs of it before hopping on and heading out to catch fish. 

Know the Rules and Regulations

The next rule is to know all of the rules and regulations regarding kayaks and fishing wherever you are. Many places will have special rules regarding how you can use a kayak, especially when it comes to fishing, so make sure that you have studied these rules and know them. 

Have Fun and Share with Others

Last but not least, you should have fun with your kayak fishing and share your passion and knowledge with others. The kayak fishing community is very active and friendly, and many anglers are happy to share what they know with others. Don’t be afraid of helping others with what you have learned either!

Final Thoughts

Fishing from a kayak is not only fun but a very effective way of catching fish. By following these five rules, you will not only stay safe but keep the hobby enjoyable for everyone!

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