Best of 2019: How to Quit - Quit smoking and reclaim your life
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Best of 2019: How to Quit

You deserve the best.

So, as 2019 comes to an end, we are offering a roundup of the year’s most popular Quit and Stay Quit articles. We’ve organized the articles into four topics all related to a particular aspect of smoking cessation.

This first week’s roundup is all about how to quit. Check out the articles below and read the many tips, tricks, and tools available to you as you begin (or continue) your quit journey.

Is Cold Turkey the Best Way to Quit

It’s a straightforward approach, but to quit smoking cold turkey is to embark on a real test of will. While it’s possible to effectively and successfully quit and stay quit after going cold turkey, remember that it’s not the only option before deciding on a quit plan.

Is Cold Turkey the Best Way to Quit?, click here.

Use These Tips to Handle Food and Drink Triggers and Quit Smoking

Smoking is a difficult habit to break because of the rituals and routines it helps form.  Going out for a cigarette — whether during the morning cup of coffee or right after lunch — gives structure to the day. But it’s possible to create new habits: Use this Monday to try replacing, changing, or cutting out these high-trigger foods and beverages.

For Tips to Handle Food and Drink Triggers and Quit Smoking, click here.

How to Beat Nicotine Addiction

It’s not easy for most people to quit cigarettes cold turkey. That’s because, over time, the body grows physically addicted to the euphoric effects of nicotine. But there are proven ways to beat your nicotine addiction, you’ve just got to put them into practice.

For How to Beat Your Nicotine Addiction, click here.

Say ‘No’ to Just One Cigarette

It’s just one cigarette…what’s the worst that can happen? That one cigarette is the first step down a slippery slope that may temporarily derail your quit efforts. We know that it’s hard to resist, which is why we’ve got a list of cigarette alternatives to help you cope with the cravings.

For Say ‘No’ to Just One Cigarette, click here.

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