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Best of 2019: Quitting and Your Health

It’s no surprise that smoking cigarettes is a hazard to your health, but inhaling a cocktail of chemicals and tobacco smoke affects more than just your lungs. Cigarette smoke impacts everything from your immune and respiratory system to the smoothness of your skin.

This week, we’ve compiled a collection of our most popular articles from 2019 all focused on how eliminating cigarettes from your daily routine can positively influence your physical and emotional wellbeing. Read on and see how you can turn your health around this Monday by committing or recommitting to your quit.

Quit Smoking this Monday and Enjoy Long-Term Health Benefits

Stop smoking and your body will experience benefits almost instantaneously. Your circulation, lung function, and breathing will improve after only a few weeks off cigarettes. Find more of the long-term benefits of quitting smoking below.

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Boost Your Fertility by Quitting

If you’re planning to start a family, you definitely want to be in the best of health. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that smoking can decrease fertility and lower your success of conception. Recommit to your quit this Monday and ensure a healthy future for you and the family.

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Face Facts: Smoking Causes Wrinkles

The effects of smoking on the lungs and other internal organs are sufficiently documented, but smoking can also cause premature aging of your most visible external organ — your skin. This Monday, strengthen your resolve to quit and put a stop to preventable skin damage.

For Face Facts: Smoking Causes Wrinkles, click here.

Quit Smoking and Take Back Your Immune System

Wonder why your colds linger longer than anybody else’s? Or why your pull muscled or bruises take longer to heal? Smoking just doesn’t cause cancer, it also can weaken your immune system and make you more prone to infections.

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