Case Study: How Debra Quit Smoking Against All Odds with the CBQ Method - Quit smoking and reclaim your life
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Case Study: How Debra Quit Smoking Against All Odds with the CBQ Method

Today, you’ll read a Breathe Life Program review and learn how one of our members, Debra, 47, accomplished these wins:

– Went down from 20 cigarettes a day to 0 with the CBQ Method after 28 years of smoking.
– Started enjoying life better as a non-smoker even though cigarettes used to be her escape.
– Found quitting smoking EASY and knew that she’d never need to smoke again.
– Reversed the effects smoking had on her health and appearance.

All of this while going through a divorce – enough said.

On top of that, she had to work full-time and stay strong for her teenage son.

From Debra herself:

“ Quitting smoking while settling my divorce with my ex-husband and working full-time was extremely stressful. I was emotionally and physically exhausted and although it would have made sense to smoke more during this time, something happened and I did the exact opposite. I quit; I just did!”

Here’s how she did it:

How Debra Decided to Stop Smoking

“I had low energy and I was short-winded because of smoking, but my health was relatively fine. So I never had a pig push, you know, to make a serious attempt to quit.

Although I wanted to quit, I just couldn’t find the motivation. Menopause was a whole big deal for me all by itself: the hot flashes, the feeling that I’m not who I used to be, it was all just bringing me down. And I had to deal with my 16-year-old marriage ending and all that.

My cigarettes were my only comfort at my lonely moments; they gave me courage.”

You may remember when I was invited to do a TEDx talk. That’s how Debra found Smoking Cessation Formula.

“I was cooking dinner when my son burst into the kitchen and showed me that video about Nasia Davos’ CBQ quitting method. He was like, you should check this out, and then later I went to the website and subscribed to check the posts and videos.”

When I launched the Breathe Life Program, Debra signed up. “I wasn’t sure at first. It’s a time commitment and it wasn’t super cheap.

Do I really want to do this? How can an online program help me to quit?

What I need is willpower!

So I searched for reviews about the Breathe Life Program, the CBQ method and Nasia Davos.

willpower to stop smoking

After reading many Breathe Life Program reviews, and to my surprise, I learned that the CBQ method helps you quit without willpower. And the Breathe Life Program was helping you quit in 10 days using the CBQ method.

But I thought I already had my life a mess as it is – no way I’m quitting now, but this might be good for the future. I hadn’t heard of the CBQ method before but it seemed like the best option at the time.

Nasia had good ideas about how to calm my anxiety and not think about smoking all the time and miss it. She made it easy.”

The timing couldn’t have been better. Debra had an encounter with her ex over their vacation home.

“I left the lawyer’s office in shreds. Within few hours, I went from frustrated to angry. I was furious; not because of the house but because I realized that I was acting as if my life was over.

Well, it wasn’t. My life’s ahead of me. And I have a wonderful child to give me purpose. I was thinking about how smoking could kill me. I couldn’t lose him. So I decided to stop choking myself with poison and get healthy.

Sometimes you have to take a step back and see what really matters. I needed a change. A good one this time”

How Debra Stopped Smoking with the CBQ Method

As Debra followed along with the Breathe Life Program, she decided which days she would watch. “Some days I couldn’t watch the program. So I was watching every 2 days on average. The old me would have doubled her smoking. But I was cutting down 1 cigarette every day. Slowly and steadily. I read some Breathe Life Program reviews from others and they’d done the same.”

She still got results. Debra started feeling more and more confident without smoking.

“The exercises were working. I felt I was needing cigarettes less and less. And I was able to notice the difference in my breathing from early on. My son was so proud of me… that gave me the strength to keep on going”

Her effort paid off. She quickly landed down to 0 cigarettes a day.

success story quit smoking“When you said it was easy to quit, I have, to be honest; I doubted you. But it was just like you said. I smoked my last cigarette and immediately felt that I was done with smoking. Your method helped me get rid of this empty feeling I got when I had a craving.

I was enjoying my meals, my break at work and watching the Walking Dead with my son- just as much.”

How did it feel?

“It felt good… like I’m finally doing something for myself.”

And she is a happy non-smoker. “I am not even tempted. Funny how I used to think smoking helped me enjoy life. Energy and health help you enjoy life. And smoking takes them both away. I can see that now.”

What’s been the practical effect of stopping smoking?

“Hmm, the smell, of course… my face doesn’t have this yellowish tone anymore, I feel fresh, I breathe better, I have so much more energy to take a walk, work and just do more things all day feeling good.

Even stress is better. I mean, still have a lot going on but now I know how to manage my anxiety and the CBQ exercises helped a lot. Oh yes, and I have saved so much money, few thousands now, that I’m taking my son to Europe.”

Think about Debra’s reluctance to invest in herself before. She mentioned the price of the Breathe Life Program was high. Yet after watching the program and doing the CBQ exercises, her entire perspective has changed to the value of her lifestyle. This is what we mean by “Breathing Life”.

Some thoughts on quitting…

Before the Breathe Life Program, Debra was afraid that she will be miserable without her smokes. As she put it: “I felt I would never be happy without my cigarettes.”

The odds were against her.

Not anymore.

Now she is enjoying her life more than ever.


*We always use pseudonyms to protect our members’ privacy.

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