Establish Your Smoking Support System This Monday - Quit smoking and reclaim your life
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Establish Your Smoking Support System This Monday

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When You Quit Smoking, Support From Others Is Essential

It’s essential to have an extra shoulder or two to lean on while you quit smoking. You have supporters – ask them to help with your quit journey this Monday.

Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down. – Oprah Winfrey

Don’t go it alone. Quitting with support means you’ll have encouragement when challenges arise, and you’ll be more accountable for achieving your goals. The decision to quit includes identifying your smoking support system, which will inspire and motivate you to quit. This could help improve the probability of staying quit.

Make a network. What does it look like and how will it work? Create a list of the family, friends, and resources you have. Reach out and tell them the plan. Your friends and family want to help; it could be time to give them the opportunity.

Who are your quit buddies? Is there someone you know who also wants to quit? Be bold. Reach out and make an agreement to quit together. Research suggests that the odds of quitting smoking improve significantly when you and your partner quit together.

Include professionals. From The National Cancer Institute, “Based on solid evidence, counseling by a health professional improves smoking cessation rates.”

Just the ticket. Do you know someone who does low-intensity to moderate activities like walking, gardening, or yoga? Exercise will distract you, give you an easy to attain goal, and it’s fun when you do it with a partner. Make it a regular thing, it could be just the ticket to quitting and staying quit.

Touch base. Use the internet to connect with others. Studies show that different social supports could help with quitting since they provide high levels of emotional, informational, and instrumental support. Sign up for a quit app on your phone or tablet. Join an online chat with new and experienced quitters. Use social networks to join groups and receive updates. Help yourself so you can help others later.

Monday is for revving up your network of helpers to strengthen your commitment and celebrate the rewards of your willpower.  Lean on your smoking support system to help you stay motivated to quit and stay quit.

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