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Friends and Family: A Crime-Fighting Team for Your Lungs

Some menaces are too powerful for one hero to take on. They require a team to save the day. For week two of our super support team series, we’re assembling your family and friends. When it comes to quitting smoking, they are a quitter’s equivalent to a super hero team.

Having someone to talk to can be the difference between success and failure when giving up tobacco. When the temptations start sneaking up, these crusaders can provide you the backup you need.

Here’s how:

  • Multiple heroes to call on. This kind of support system doesn’t limit you to just one person. During dinner you can talk to your parents or spouse about possible steps to quitting, or while out on the town you can vent to your friends about recent obstacles to quitting you’ve been facing.
  • Have more tools to your utility belt. Talking to loved ones is another weapon in the fight against smoking. Besides emotional support, they can assist with things like supplying contact information for a therapist or advice about defending off cravings.
  • The power of honesty. Nobody knows you the way your friends and family do. As much as tough love can sting, these people may point out decisions you’ve made that are holding you back.
  • They’re always on duty. Because you have a strong relationship with members of this team, you have a high chance of them taking time out of their day to help you quit. Having a team gives you an opportunity to meet with multiple people in one day, such as family in the afternoon and friends at night.

Give your friends and family a call this Monday so that you can further assemble your team. These people want to see you succeed, so you will have no problem getting the upper hand in your crusade against smoking.

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