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Hogzilla: Wild Pig Hunting in America

As wild pig populations exploding all over America, there are many great places to hunt and opportunities to hunt them. It is often speculated that the first hogs here in America were first introduced during the 1500s by Spanish explorers. Ever since then, the United States has been a breeding ground for this invasive species that are now hunted across the country. 

Populations and Range

While the exact population of these pigs is widely argued and extremely hard to pin down, experts agree that there could easily be as many as 6 million pigs (or more) living in America. These feral hogs can be found across the country in 39 different states. While some states have more pigs than others, they are continuing to spread and multiply everywhere they are found. 

Where to Hunt Wild Pigs

Since these pigs are so widely spread across the continent, there is most likely some excellent hog hunting to be had within driving distance of just about anyone. That being said, not every state is created equal when it comes to wild pig hunting. The best places tend to be states with a warmer climate and good amounts of water, such as the southern states. 

You should also consider the overall hog population of the area that you want to hunt in, what the regulations are, and how many places are available to hunt. When it comes to the best overall states in America, the ones that stand out include Alabama, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Florida, and Texas.

Hunting Methods

When it comes to different hunting methods, spot and stalk tactics work great when hunting in semi-open terrains like in the states of Texas and California. Wild pigs will tend to be most active first thing in the morning and late afternoon. During this time you can spot them and make your move to get closer and get a shot. 

Another method that is more widely used is hunting over bait (where it is legal). Many hunters will use things like corn and place it in an area that is frequented by pigs. They will then use a treestand or ground blind to wait for pigs to smell and come to the bait. This method works excellent in areas that are extremely thick, where other hunting methods might not work. 

The last hunting method that is commonly used is called still hunting. This method is done by quietly and slowly walking through areas that pigs frequent in order to find and kill them. If you are able to be silent and use the wind to your advantage, it is very possible to slip within range of a wild pig without it even knowing that you are there. 

Final Thoughts

Wild pigs may not be native to America, but they have certainly made a name and home here. If you find yourself anywhere near where they live, you owe it to yourself to try hunting them some time and experience it for yourself!

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