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How To Hunt Everything: Caribou

Many experienced hunters consider caribou some of the easier game to hunt as far as big game goes. That being said, these animals live in some extreme terrain and conditions, and many times they are not as easy to kill as most think! Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to hunting caribou. 

Terrain and Conditions

Caribou live in the Arctic and sub-arctic areas of the northern hemisphere, and these areas can test you to your mental and physical limits. Enduring and conquering these conditions during a hunt can often feel like an achievement in itself, regardless if you fill your tag or not. For these reasons, it is very important that caribou hunters go into the hunt prepared both mentally and physically. Prepare yourself for a hard hunt, and make sure you bring the proper equipment that you will need in order to stay safe and comfortable. 

Best Hunting Methods

The best way to kill a caribou is by spot and stalk hunting. These animals move around a ton, and the tundra is a vast area. Most hunters who are hunting caribou will be using services like a bush plane or jet boat that will allow them to reach their hunting areas. While these services will usually not know the whereabouts of the caribou herd, they will usually do a pretty good job at putting you in the general area of the animals. Once there, it is up to you to cover as much ground as possible and stalking in closer once you locate the herd. If you are in the right area, this should not be too difficult to do since caribou love to travel in larger herds. 

Stalking in Close

Caribou are generally easier to stalk than that of a deer or an elk, but that still doesn’t mean that you should be lazy when putting a stalk on them. While one caribou might let you walk right up to it, the next one might run for 3 miles straight, never to be seen again. With all that being said, don’t be afraid of getting caught out in the open if you run out of cover for concealment. If this happens, try to stay on your hands and knees and move slowly when they are feeding or preoccupied. Many times, a caribou might even get curious and come closer to check you out and close that distance for you. 

Final Thoughts

A caribou hunt is considered by many to be the hunt of a lifetime. From the unique animals to the amazing terrain, it is no wonder that many hunters continue to head north year after year in pursuit of caribou. By following these basics, you can prepare and have a successful caribou hunt in the future and experience this for yourself. Just remember to enjoy the hunt and be ready for some extreme conditions!

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