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How To Hunt Everything: Moose

Moose are giant animals and some of the best-tasting table fare in the world. The largest member of the deer family, a full-grown moose can give yourself and your family a year’s worth of meat that is unlike any other. In addition to all of the meat, there are fewer trophies as great as a set of moose antlers. When you hang a set of these over your garage door or fireplace, you have an excellent reminder of the difficult task to successfully hunt one.

So how do you successfully harvest one of these amazing animals? Let’s go over some of the basics that you will need to know if you want to head off to moose country and hunt these giant animals.

Finding a Moose

Unlike other animals like deer or caribou, moose can be very frustrating to find. Even though they are very large and you would think that would make them easy to find, this is not usually the case. They often love to hang out in thickets, staying hidden from any hunters.  This is why spot and stalk hunting is the most successful method of hunting moose. Covering as much ground as possible will allow you to increase your chances of spotting a moose. 

The best places to look include large thickets and expanses of willow, as well as stands of aspen and birch. These areas give them cover and feed, hence why they love them. More open hillsides and draws with young willows are often looked to as well, as the moose can be more easily spotted as they come out to feed. 

Stay Around Water

Another excellent way to hunt moose is by hunting along waterways in a boat, canoe, or raft. As you travel along the water, look ahead of you for feeding or traveling moose as they will often be found in or near water. This is especially true when this water is around their favorite willow habitats. 

When you reach a promising-looking area, you can then try to beach the boat and still hunt around the area. If you come across any high points or bluffs, use them to your advantage to gain some elevation and glass open areas. 

Legal Animals

One important aspect of moose hunting is the legality of the animal you are shooting. Most places will only allow you to harvest bull moose, and only if their antlers reach a certain threshold. For example, in Alaska, a nonresident hunter can only kill a bull that either has a 50” antler spread or a minimum of four brow tines on one of the antlers. It is a hunter’s responsibility to know these rules and regulations and make sure the animal that they want to shoot meets these requirements. 

Final Thoughts

Hunting a moose is unlike any other hunt in the world. These amazing animals will leave most people speechless, but by sticking to these basics, you can fully enjoy the experience and maybe go home with some of the best meat in the world!

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