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Introducing Community


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We’re super excited to be launching one of our most requested features – the Quit Genius in-app community!

The community is a safe place for members to share experiences, practical tips and ask advice from other members. We’ve been humbled and inspired by the dedication and support members our Facebook group have shown to each other.

We’ve also seen first hand how the advice from someone who has been in the exact same situation and has come out on the other side is so valuable, which is why we want to recreate that experience in the core Quit Genius product.

Is this for me?

Whether you have already quit smoking using Quit Genius and would like to share your experience or you are just starting your journey and would like some support – feel free to post! We’re working hard to build a caring and loving community for the better.

Who moderates the community?

Our team of qualified medical doctors and psychologists will be on hand to give expert help when needed!

How do I get started?

The community is currently only available on iPhones and we plan to launch it to Android smartphones in the coming weeks. If you’re passionate about seeing the feature, please send me an email.

All the highs and lows on our journey to help 100,000 people quit smoking

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Download the Quit Genius app

Quit Genius is free to download and includes personalised therapy content, craving tools and a vibrant community to help you quit smoking and stay smoke-free for good!

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