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It’s the Little Things That Matter Most

When you read about people quitting smoking, or hear them talk about it, the majority of the time it’s all about avoiding lung cancer, or reducing your risk of heart disease after a certain amount of years.

That’s all well and good, and I think most smokers and non-smokers alike already know that stuff.

But what I keep telling people is that lung cancer, emphysema, and other diseases happen further on down the road.

They’re something in the distant future.

Yea, it’s great to prevent, or avoid, those diseases. Anyone will tell you that.

The greatest benefits of quitting smoking, however, are the little things in life that surprise you each and every day going forward.

Waking up in the morning BEFORE my alarm completely rested is a perfect example.

As a smoker, I would’ve never woken up early in the morning for the hell of it. I simply was never a morning person as a smoker.

I didn’t enjoy waking up and immediately coughing up a lung.

When I quit smoking, mornings suddenly became my favorite part of the day, and to this day, I still get excited when I wake up early.

There is so much anticipation and opportunity awaiting you if you have the whole day ahead of you and you feel good.

Bursts of self-confidence are another fine example.

There’s days at work when I’m leaving after 12 straight hours and I think to myself how incredible the day was.

I had so much energy, more eye contact, able to hold conversations more, zero anxiety, stood up for myself, made people laugh, was eager to help others, and was in a great mood all day long. The list goes on and on.

It’s incredible!

I never felt that way as a smoker, ever. Not like this, anyways.

This is a whole new playing field.

I’m a better version of myself in every possible way.

That’s what smokers don’t realize. They’re missing out on reaching their full potential.

I’m not saying smokers can’t be successful, and clearly they certainly can be, but how much MORE successful on top of what they’ve achieved already could they possibly be?

That’s my point.

I honestly can’t imagine where I’d be in life had I never smoked cigarettes.

Who knows where I’d be living? I wouldn’t have this website.

Everything happens for a reason, though, and I’m glad I’m able to help others beat this stupid drug addiction.

Random ideas and inspirations are another thing that pops up as the days go on.

I could be driving around with my coffee at 8am (which would never happen as a smoker), and suddenly I have this revelation about a business idea or something.

Perhaps it’s a new idea for a video, or a spontaneous trip I want to make.

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Just the other week I had a random thought about seriously trying out for Survivor!

I would’ve NEVER had that thought cross my mind had I been a smoker. At least not seriously.

It’s these little things that happen throughout the day that really make quitting worth it. They give me so much motivation to keep going.

When you are feeling good, and keeping in the frequency of feeling good, your mind just explodes in forward-thinking thoughts.

It’s really awesome!

“Like everyday, no matter what, is a new adventure. That’s why I love waking up early.”

A few days ago my car broke down on my way to work.

Instead of freaking out about it and chain smoking like I used to do, and dwelling in negative thoughts, I simply sailed right through it.

I kept a positive mindset, did what I needed to do, pretended that it was my day off actually, and it was easy-breezy.

If that was supposed to be a dark moment, or my life taking a downwards trajectory, then I just squashed that beyond reason.

The day overall was fantastic, and that’s because I was feeling fantastic.

I managed to make it to work for my night shift, and I kicked ass the whole time and made a ton of money.

Nothing could stand in my way. I felt great. That’s the secret.

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