Remove the Pressure to Quit Smoking this New Year’s Eve by Following the Monday Approach - Quit smoking and reclaim your life
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Remove the Pressure to Quit Smoking this New Year’s Eve by Following the Monday Approach

Another New Year’s Eve, another resolution to quit smoking. You are determined, but it’s hard to forget that most resolutions tend to fail before weeks’ end.

So, what’s not working? Well, let’s start with the obvious: There’s a ton of pressure to quit — from your family, your friends, your co-workers, and, your biggest critic, yourself; and this pressure manages to reach peak intensity around the New Year.

We tend to worship New Year’s Day as a symbolic milestone and treat it as the crucial moment when life-altering changes need to happen, but quitting cigarettes for life doesn’t happen in a day. Research shows that it takes a smoker on average 30 attempts before they manage to quit for one year or more.

That’s where Quit and Stay Quit Monday comes into play. Instead of focusing all of your efforts on the New Year, take the Monday approach and recommit to your quit every week. When paired with other tools and techniques like finding a quit buddy, identifying your smoking triggers, and using our Monday Quit Kit, you have a better chance of quitting and staying quit in 2020.  

So this week instead of planning to quit New Year’s Day, work on your Monday quit plan and start next week ready, determined, and confident you can make 2020 a year of forward progress towards your quit journey.

Follow these steps to improve the likelihood of a successful quit.

Connect with Others

Let a trusted friend or family know that you are planning to quit for the new year (if you know someone who has been through the quit process, even better). They can help you stay on track and motivate you each week to stay with your quit.

Understand the Side Effects and Withdrawals

Nicotine levels drop when you stop smoking and this can have physical and emotional drawbacks. Knowing what to expect will mitigate their effects. Common symptoms include anxiety, headaches, sleep disturbance, irritability, and difficulty concentrating.

Identify Your Triggers

Whether it’s boredom, hunger, alcohol, or your morning cup of coffee, identifying your triggers is the only way to avoid them.

Rid Yourself of Tobacco Products

Toss out all extraneous tobacco products, matches, lighters, and even ash trays. Not only do these items serve as visual reminders of cigarettes, but by not having them available, you’re reducing your chances of relapsing.

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