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The 4 Types of Hunger During Nicotine Withdrawal

Do you know the 4 different hungers every smoker experiences during withdrawal?

Knowing these 4 hungers can help you go through the withdrawal easily

(But if you don’t know them, you may find the withdrawal to be overwhelming and out of your control)

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

This video is for you if you:

  • Feel something is missing when you quit or have an empty feeling in your stomach
  • Eat more during withdrawal
  • Feel you have cravings all the time
  • And if you feel hungrier after quitting smoking

I’m very excited to share this video with you because it’s something nobody else teaches about quitting smoking. So I hope you like it too.

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Resources and Links Mentioned in this Video

“Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”
“How to Overcome Mental Cravings”
“Smoking Addiction: Is it Mental or Physical?”
“Nicotine Addiction 101: Everything You Need to Know about Nicotine”


There are 4 types of hunger that you experience during nicotine withdrawal and knowing those hungers can help you cope with the withdrawal easily. But if you don’t know them, you might find that the withdrawal is a painful and overwhelming experience.

Now this is something nobody else teaches about quitting smoking so I know it will help you.

Nasia Davos here and this video is for you. If you feel something is missing when you quit smoking, if you have an empty feeling in your stomach and you don’t know how to cope with it, if you tend to eat more during the withdrawal, if you feel you have cravings all the time, if you feel hungrier after quitting smoking and if you tend to substitute smoking with food, so if that’s you keep on watching.

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So, the 4 types of hunger during nicotine withdrawal, the 4 types of hunger in smokers. Now first of all you need to know that how you experience the withdrawal depends mainly on your overall health, your mindset, and your nutrition. That’s why some people find withdrawal so easy even passes unnoticed or they may find it so easy in some quit attempts and really hard in others.

So why does this happen? It’s not because of luck or genes or any of those things. It has to do with your overall health, your mindset and your nutrition. And when it comes to your overall health, you can improve it of course by quitting smoking.

So up to the point of quitting smoking, what you have control over is your mindset and your nutrition and what we’ll talk about in this video can help you with both.

So let’s look at the 4 hungers smokers experience during withdrawal. The first hunger is the nutritional hunger. This is to make sure your body takes the vitamins and nutrients it needs so it can function properly and so you can be as healthy as possible.

The second hunger is thirst. Yes, thirst is a hunger and it’s essential to our survival. We cannot go long without water right?

The third hunger is the emotional hunger. We all need to satisfy our emotional needs. We all need to feel loved and help others and feel safe and feel excitement and variety and feel important that we matter and that we grow as people and so on.

The first person to talk about our human needs was a psychologist named Maslow. And he said that in order for us to survive, we all need to feel physically and emotionally safe. We need to have social connections, we need to have self-worth and grow to the best we can be. We all have those needs.

And here’s the thing that you may not know, when you have an emotional need that must be met, you don’t always know it. We’re not always really aware of it. We tend to experience a feeling of wanting when we have a need. And everyone has this feeling of wanting. Smoker’s, ex-smokers and never smokers, everyone has it.

But as smokers we learn to respond to that feeling of wanting. How? With a cigarette. Because smoking is an emotional behaviour and we have linked it to our needs and our emotions. That’s why when you have a mental craving in reality you’re craving to meet an emotionally need that you used to mask or meet by smoking. Because a craving is just a positive thought about smoking that creates a positive feeling about smoking. It’s a thought that smoking will help you somehow in that moment and this thought creates a craving. But what you’re craving is not the cigarette itself, you crave to change how you feel. You crave to meet an emotional need and it has nothing to do with what’s inside your cigarettes.

And the fourth hunger is the nicotine hunger, the physical hunger for nicotine. Smoking is 80 percent a mental addiction and 20 percent a physical addiction. Now if you want to know what are the differences make sure you watch the video I have for you in the description.

Now the hunger for nicotine is different than the other hungers. Because it is an unnatural hunger, it’s a drug and you don’t have to satisfy this hunger to survive. But sometimes you may think you do or you may feel like you do simply because nicotine has hijacked your brain it makes it believe that you need nicotine to survive just like you need water and food but of course you don’t. And the good news is that the nicotine hunger dies out when nicotine leaves your body.

So 4 hungers: nutritional hunger, thirst, emotional hunger and nicotine hunger. Now why is it important to know them? How does this affect your withdrawal? Well these hungers feel exactly the same way. So it’s very easy to mix them up, it happens all the time. They all feel like a twitch in your stomach, an insecure, uncomfortable feeling in your stomach.

Now of course, if you’re starving for food and you’re starving, really starving this twitch will progress to louder sounds. But it all starts with a twitch in your stomach. For example, you may have nutritional hunger and you may think its emotional hunger so you have emotional eating as a result. And the thing with emotional eating is that, nobody is binging on celery, we usually eat food with zero nutritional value. So we don’t satisfy neither the emotional hunger because food cannot satisfy our emotions nor the nutritional one.

Or another way you may mix them up is you may feel hungry while in reality you’re thirsty. Our ancestors used to take a lot of their water from food so that’s why we evolved to feel hunger and thirst the same way.

I remember, many many years ago, I was at a Tony Robbins event and Tony comes to this huge stage. There were thousands of people there and he tells us “oh this is going to be a big event we’re going to do a lot of things and if you’re hungry, you can go out, but before going out to eat drink water. You’re going to realize you’re going feel better and that you weren’t really hungry”. And then he explained why. Because many times we’re hungry, we think we’re hungry, when in reality we’re thirsty. So when you drink water, the hunger is gone.

And another way you can mix them up is you may have emotional hunger and think its nicotine hunger. Or you may think you crave nicotine while you’re thirsty or you may be undernourished while in reality you crave nicotine. You can mix them up in all sorts of ways and when you do, the withdrawal becomes an overwhelming experience and you feel you’re out of control. But like we said, how you experience the withdrawal depends on your overall health, your mindset and your nutrition.

So how can you stop mixing those hungers up? It’s actually very simple. Number 1 stay nourished, feed your nutritional hunger. Eating the right things will ease your withdrawal. And right now we’re creating a program, a nutrition plan that helps you ease the withdrawal based on what you eat. Because eating the right things helps a lot.

Number 2 stay hydrated. We always say that when you stop smoking you need to drink a lot of water and now you know one of the reasons why. Because many times you may feel you may think you’re craving nicotine while in reality you’re thirsty and when you drink water the craving will go away. And of course, other reasons are that water helps you detox, it helps with withdrawal symptoms like constipation, and it has many many benefits so drink more water than ever before.

And number 3, stop using nicotine. Because three to five days after you stop using nicotine, the nicotine hunger will be gone, you will be done with it. So when these three hungers are dealt with, when you’re nourished, when you’re hydrated and when you stop using nicotine what’s left?

You know that when you experience this twich in your stomach, it’s going to be an emotional hunger. And when you know what it is, you can direct your efforts there and feel better. And yes when you first stop smoking during the first three to five days after quitting, you’re going to experience both the nicotine hunger and the emotional hunger.

About the nicotine hunger, you just have to wait it out, it’s just a twitch in your stomach. And after day five, if you get this twitch in your stomach, then you know it’s the emotional hunger. It’s a need you’re wanting to meet in that moment. So when you do ask yourself: What do I really need right now? What am I missing right now in my life? And when you have your answer and you meet this need in a helpful way, the annoying feeling will go away.

So this is for this video, these are the 4 hungers all smokers experience during withdrawal. Nutritional hunger, thirst, emotional hunger and nicotine hunger. And when you know those hungers, you can have control over the withdrawal because you can direct your efforts towards the things that matter, and avoid gaining weight, and substituting smoking with food.

So I hope you enjoyed this video, I hope it benefited you. Thank you so much for watching.

Thank you so much for watching. Let me know in the comments if you like this video, if you find it helpful and what you’re taking away. I’m looking forward to reading your comments. And if you want more tips and advice from me join our Facebook group it’s free it has thousands of amazing members and we post tips every day. So you’re going to find a lot of support and a lot of people who have already quit or they’re now quitting smoking and they’re on the same journey as you. So make sure you join and I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

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