The Most Effective Way to Quit Smoking For Good - Quit smoking and reclaim your life
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The Most Effective Way to Quit Smoking For Good

Are you looking for an effective way to quit smoking and protect your lungs without missing cigarettes?

Do you feel stuck because this crisis is making you smoke more but it’s also making quitting more important now than ever?

Have you tried to quit before with willpower or medication only to relapse because of cravings, stress or weight gain?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you are in the right place.

Because every cigarette you smoke harms your immune system which is your only defense against this virus.  But still, quitting may seem harder right now… 

So in this article you will discover the best way to quit smoking easily so you can live a long, healthy and happy life with your loved ones.

And how to succeed despite the stress and the fear so you can protect your lungs, strengthen your immune system, decrease your risk of getting viral pneumonia and have more money.  

You won’t read generic advice or be sold products that keep you addicted to nicotine like other websites do (most of them owned by Big Tobacco, which you can verify by scrolling down their sites and checking who owns them).

Instead, I want to show you how to sidestep all those traps and become a happy non-smoker. 

My name is Nasia Davos. I’m a Psychologist, Author, certified Life Coach, and a certified Smoking Cessation counselor.

Above all, I used to be a smoker too. 

And for the last 8 years my team and I have developed a psychology-based quit smoking method that has been featured on:

– TED talks
– The Huffington Post
– Harvard Blog
– Healthable
– Reuters
– NBC news
– and many more

This method has helped thousands of smokers quit easily and permanently without feeling anxious or deprived.

You see, every year only 6% of the smokers who try to quit eventually succeed.

This number is just too low.

It means that 94% of people who use willpower, nicotine gums, e-cigarettes, heated tobacco or other products… are failing to quit this addiction.

But why?

The Real Reason You Can’t Quit Smoking

When I ask our members why they smoke, the most common answers I get are:

I enjoy it.”

“I need it.”

Or “I just do it. It’s a habit.”

I used to believe that too when I was a smoker, and you might also feel the same way.

See, the reason you enjoy, desire, need and even love smoking is that you’re mentally dependent on it.

Most people think that smoking is a physical addiction to nicotine and that it’s hard to break free.

But if physical addiction was the real problem…

Then why do most smokers give mental and emotional reasons for not quitting – like it relaxes me, I love it, or it’s my friend ?

Why do ex-smokers relapse even after the withdrawal period is over? Even when there’s not a single trace of nicotine in their body?

What can cause someone to smoke 1 month or even 1 year after overcoming their nicotine addiction?

what is the best way to quit smokingIt’s the mental addiction. 

In fact, 80% of the smoking addiction, is made up of the mental dependence on smoking, which is how much you believe you enjoy or need smoking. 

And only 20% of smoking, is the physical addiction to nicotine; the filthy substance that first hooked you to this habit.

That’s what nicotine products and tobacco companies don’t want you to know.


The Desire for Smoking is Mental

Your mind is like a computer that runs many programs. These programs run on autopilot and help you do things quickly and automatically.

Most of those programs are helpful and useful –  like opening doors, eating, reading, or walking.

Some programs, aren’t.

Smoking is a destructive program installed in your brain. 

It runs automatically because it’s been part of your daily routine for many, many years.

All this time, you’ve been smoking while socializing, to relieve anxiety or boredom, take a break, keep your hands busy, celebrate or concentrate.

So now, all those situations trigger your cravings and make you feel that if you quit, you will lose your ability to enjoy life or cope with challenges.

And even if that fear is far from true, you still feel you will miss smoking.

As you can see, all these reasons are mental. Not physical.

Why Nicotine Products Don’t Work.

You’ve probably tried to quit in the past with nicotine patches, gums, lozenges, vaping and pills…. Hoping that your desire to smoke will go away. 

common quit smoking methods

But this almost never happens. 

Because all these products only deal with the physical aspect of your addiction.

While your desire and need for smoking is mental.

Think about it.

When you sleep, you don’t smoke for 7 or 8 hours straight. If your physical addiction was the real problem, then it would wake you up every 1 hour just to smoke.

But physical cravings don’t wake you up.

Because they only make up 20% of your addiction.

But… what happens if you go 8 straight hours without smoking during your day?

All hell breaks loose.

You’d go crazy.

Because your mind is awake.

And your mind (read: mental addiction) reminds you to smoke every time you talk on the phone, finish your meal, and feel anxious.struggle between smoking and abstaining

But most of those methods deal only with the 20% of your addiction. So you’ve never had more than 20% chances of quitting successfully.

No wonder why quitting seemed hard!

But what if you did the opposite now?

What if you removed your desire for smoking – the 80% – to begin with?

Then quitting becomes inevitable without even needing willpower.

The Best Way to Quit Smoking Naturally

So how can you remove your mental dependence on smoking and your desire for cigarettes?

With the CBQ method.

The Cognitive Behavioral Quitting (CBQ) method is a unique sequence of simple scientific techniques that removes your need to smoke.

How? By showing you what to do with your mind and what to do with your hands so you can quit successfully.

What Makes the CBQ the Best Way to Quit Smoking

the easiest way to quit smoking naturally

  • It reverses the process of addiction

The CBQ is a natural method that requires no willpower or medication. It removes your need to smoke because it follows the exact 4 stages that our brain gets attached or detached from a habit or addiction.

  • It reprograms your brain to stop needing cigarettes.

The CBQ shows you how to live happily without nicotine and stop relying on cigarettes to relax, concentrate, or socialize. No other method does that.

  • You don’t experience irresistible cravings or weight gain

When you no longer desire or need cigarettes, you don’t experience cravings for cigarettes.

Also, the CBQ tackles the core reasons why you smoke so you can quit without substituting smoking with food or any other crutch.

freedom from smoking

The CBQ works for those who smoke up to 3 packs a day and feel they need it.

And it’s a world-recognized method because of its 94% success rate.

85% of smokers quit permanently on their first attempt, and 9% quit on their second or third attempt. And it will work for you too.

How it works?

The CBQ method has 4 stages that take you from a lifetime smoker to a happy non-smoker.

Yes, it takes only 4 steps to quit easily.

Following these 4 stages, in the right sequence, makes you stop needing cigarettes before you smoke your last cigarette. 

So now that you know why the CBQ is the easiest way to quit smoking naturally,

… You might be wondering what are the 4 stages of quitting smoking and how you can apply them to your own life so you can also break free from this addiction.

How to Quit Smoking Naturally, Starting Today

If you’re thinking this isn’t the first time you’ve heard promises about quitting smoking… I know how you feel.

I felt the same way when I was hearing all the promises from every other method out there. Nothing worked for me.

But then I discovered 4 stages that can turn anyone into a happy non-smoker.

Since then I’ve removed my smoking addiction and helped thousands become smoke free for life.

Their success stories is the best proof of all.

So if you’re still unsure, I would like to show you how my method works for FREE.

That’s why I’m inviting you to sign up for my next online seminar. It’s called:

“The 3 Real Reasons You Can’t Quit Smoking and How to Overcome them with the 4 Stages of the CBQ method.”

As I said, signing up for the seminar is FREE.

During the seminar I will show you the 4 stages of the CBQ method. And I will also give you a step by step plan on how to apply the 4 stages all by yourself— in 10 days.

So you’ll have everything you need to quit permanently…

  • Without willpower
  • Without feeling deprived
  • Without having anxiety
  • Without gaining weight

Click here to register for this upcoming free seminar

Also, on this free seminar, I will show you:

  • The 3 barriers that stand between you and your smoke-free life… and how to overcome them with the CBQ Method so you can be happier and less stressed as a non-smoker.
  • The one sentence that makes quitting easier. Write this sentence down and research shows you increase your chances to quit, you build your confidence and you feel happier without cigarettes.
  • What I learned in a circus that finally let me quit smoking for life – and how you can do it too. (No, I won’t ask you to walk a tightrope, but what you’ll learn works like magic!)
  • How to instantly overcome intense cravings so you can be in control and quit easily.
  • The story of Jennifer, a smoker for 24 years. Jennifer smoked up to 3 packs a day. She felt so guilty she sometimes had to smoke in secret in her car. She was worried she might not see her daughter graduate, marry and give her grandkids. But when she made this one small change in her life she quit smoking for good.
  • The one thing you have to throw away if you want to quit smoking. (No, it’s not your cigarettes or your lighter. But I’m 100% sure you have it around you most of the day and it’s sabotaging your quit smoking efforts)
  • How to deal with life’s challenges WITHOUT needing cigarettes.
  • The story of Ann, a smoker for 42 years. Ann had trouble breathing BUT she couldn’t quit because of her cravings… Find out how she removed the cravings that drove her crazy… and finally quit smoking for life.
  • The one thing that all ex-smokers are “doing” in their life right now so they can avoid relapse and failure… and how you can do the same. That’s all you have to do to transition to a smoke-free life and avoid setbacks.

To simply register for this free seminar click here and enter your name and email address. You can choose the time that works best for you.

(The software I’m using can only host up to 500 people, secure your spot now before seats run out)

– Nasia Davos
Register For the Free Webinar

P.S. On this free webinar I show you how to quit smoking easily and permanently with the CBQ method.

You will learn what each stage does and how you can apply it to your own life so you can also break free from this addiction in 10 days.

These are the exact 4 stages that I used to help thousands of smokers quit successfully and get their health and freedom back.

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