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Top 4 Plastic Worm Rigs for Bass

For most anglers, there is nothing better to use while bass fishing than a reliable plastic worm. There are a number of different ways to fish these lures, and many rigs to use for bass fishing. Each one serves a unique purpose, such as fishing in thick, weeded areas or deeper water. The action of a plastic worm on a good rig is so enticing to bass, you will be amazed at the results!

Here are four of the best plastic worm rigs for bass fishing, and a quick explanation of how to set them up!

1. The Texas Rig

This is one of the easiest plastic worm rigs to assemble and to use. To create this rig, you will start by putting the hook through the nose of the worm. Run the entire hook out of the side until you get to the eyelet of the hook. Once you get there, turn the hook so the point is pointed back towards the body of the worm. Now you will insert the hook point and thread it back into the body of the worm. And there you have it! This rig is considered weedless and Snagless because the hook point is covered by the plastic worm. It can be fished in a wide variety of environments and is one of the most popular fishing rigs for bass. 

2. The Carolina Rig

In order to assemble a Carolina rig, you will first slide a bullet or egg sinker onto your line, then a bead or brass clacker behind it after tying a swivel to the end of the line. Now cut a small leader and tie it to the swivel. At the end of the leader, tie your hook and thread your plastic worm onto the hook, either Texas rig style or through the middle. You are now ready to start fishing! This rig is considered weedless as well (depending on how you put your worm on the hook) and works best in shallow weed beds or underwater vegetation. 

3. The Drop Shot Rig

This rig is best used on the bottom or when fishing straight down. In order to tie it, you will start by tying a standard Carolina Rig. Now tie a knot to your hook and leave it long enough to keep it off of the very bottom of the water. After you tie the knot, take the end and run it through the eye of the hook. This will cause the hook to kick out with the point facing upwards. Then Texas rig a worm onto the hook and you are ready to start fishing with a drop shot rig. 

4. The Wacky Rig

This rig gives a plastic worm a very natural-looking design in the water and can be fished in one spot very well. It is also probably the easiest rig to tie! Simply tie a hook to your line, fold your plastic worm in half, and pierce the worm through the middle with the hook. To fish, simply let it drop in the water, giving it sporadic twitches and movement. 

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! Four of the most popular and most effective bass fishing rigs that are used today. Any one of these can produce excellent results, so get out there and see what works best for you! Don’t forget to check our the Bradley Fishing & Hunting Guides updated year-round for the most phenomenal tips & tricks for your next catch!

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