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3 Rods Every Weekend Bass Angler Needs to Catch More Fish

Every bass angler, no matter what their skill level may be, should be ready for any situation. While fishing, it pays to have as much equipment and gear that you need to be as versatile as possible. A great way to do this is to bring along a few different rods, at least three to be specific. Let’s take a look at three different rods that every bass angler should bring along!

The Main Rod

First, you are going to need a rod that is going to be your bread and butter, and there is no greater choice than the 70 MHF spinning rod. This rod is 7 feet and medium-heavy, which makes it fast and manageable. It will also allow you to cast and use a large variety of different baits in different situations, whether it is in close or long distances. 

This rod will usually be set up with a jig or plastic worm, but you could also use it for things like spinner baits or even chatter baits. Any kind of plastics will work well with this rod, and it will probably see the most use out of the three rods that you bring along. 

The Big Bait Rod

Now you will also need a rod to throw bigger baits, and the 70 MMF is perfect for this. It has a lighter power with a slower action so you can throw baits with treble hooks because the rod will help to absorb the shock. A few main baits that will stay with this rod are things like crankbaits, jerk baits, and sometimes spinner baits. Spinners and chatter baits are great around open water when you don’t really need a lot of power to get them out of some heavy cover or structure. 

Finesse Fishing

Last but not least, you need a good rod for some finesse fishing. The 70 MXF spinning rod is the perfect choice to round out your gear, and the really fast action will give you great sensitivity that will help with finesse fishing. It will also help you to cast out lighter baits much further, even when fishing in the wind. Anglers should try to stick with lighter baits like weightless plastics and finesse jigs. Try the Texas rig for the plastics, and even small topwater baits could be effective as well. 

Final Thoughts

A serious bass angler will head out to the water with a few different rods in order to get the most out of their time on the water. Armed with these three rods, you can feel confident that you are properly prepared and ready for anything the bass wants to throw at you! 

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