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Best Fishing Reels: Spinning Reels, Fly Fishing Reels, Saltwater Reels, and More

When it comes to fishing, there are many different types of fishing reels that you can use. This can often be confusing, but there are always the best choices for specific fishing situations. Choosing the right fishing reel will help you be the most effective, so let’s take a look at some unique fishing reels that you can use this fishing season!

Spinning Reels

The spinning reel is one of the most popular types of fishing reels out there. While it is a little more complicated than your standard spin cast reel, it is much more efficient and durable. Even beginners will have no problems learning to use it, and many anglers view it as a go-to reel for almost any situation. Spinning reels use an open-face design, and the drag adjustment is found on the top. 

The metal bail is used to lock the line and keep it from unspooling. It also helps to guide the line back onto the spool when reeling it in. Spinning reels are also unique in the fact that they attach to the rod from below instead of on top. This gives the angler a more natural position to hold it and makes it much more balanced. Casting with these reels is a dream!

Fly Fishing Reels

Fly fishing reels are designed to work with fly rods, both of which are very different from regular rods and reels. They come in a large variety of different sizes, all used for different sizes and species of fish. These reels are very simple and durable, and the design has really not changed in decades. They use a basic spool design with large arbors which help to increase the retrieval speed. 

Fly fishing rods are used in conjunction with fly rods and use a specialty line. You can’t just use a fly reel with just any rod or line, so make sure when you purchase everything that it is specifically for a fly fishing setup. 

Saltwater Reels

Saltwater reels are usually used for big game offshore fishing and in deep-sea conditions. Whether trolling on the bottom or targeting big sailfish, you are going to need a heavy-duty saltwater reel. Saltwater reels are generally made from heavy-duty graphite or aluminum with a big line capacity to handle the powerful fish they are used for. 

Saltwater reels will usually have many more bells and whistles than regular reels, such as an audible clicker when the line is taken out to let you know that you have a fish on the line. 

Final Thoughts

When looking at fishing reels, you might be best suited with a specialty reel that is made for specific situations. Whether it is fly fishing in the mountains or saltwater fishing on the ocean, you need to have the right fishing reel for the job!

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