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How to Catch More Flood Water Fish When Lake and River Levels Rise

When the summer monsoons finally come, there is usually a large amount of extra water in all of your fishing areas. This can leave you wondering what to do and how you can now go about actually catching fish. The random rainstorms can make fishing a little uncertain, so here are a few tips to help you out. 

Find the Structure for Fish

When the lakes and rivers rise, most fish such as bass and panfish like to move up into the shallows and hunt, but they will still stick to structures. Even if they have to move a mile from where they were originally, they will still try to hang around the same types of areas. These types of areas are where the pros like to find their fish, and they will try flipping baits in and around any structures that are newly submerged. Things like bushes, grass, and other plants create new habitat for fish to hide, so start there. Bass and other predatory fish will move up in the water and look for any type of structure that they can find. 

Focus on the River Features

River levels are the most prone to extra rain and storms, so don’t be surprised when the levels unexpectedly jump up and you find yourself fishing in some crazy currents. This does give you some benefits, however, as a faster river current leaves the fish with less usable water to hide in. If they have less water to hide, it means that you will have a much easier time finding them. 

Fish prefer to avoid heavy currents as it wears them out and wastes energy, so anglers can quickly gloss over the faster water and look for calm areas where the fish are hanging out. Certain features to look for include places like current seams, eddies, and slack water. Eddies are typically found in areas where rocks, trees, or other structures interrupt the main river current and create a smaller back current. Fish will gather here in order to get out of the heavier and faster currents in order to feed. 

Try Out Different Baits

When the river or lakes flood, the water will typically be muddy and murky. As the clarity in the water starts to decrease, anglers can use different baits that fish can more easily see and hone in on. A few of the best baits that garner a lot of attention include things like rattle traps, spinner baits, bladed jigs, buzz baits, and other moving baits that work to displace water and create as many vibrations as possible. Try to stick to brighter colors and avoid things like natural colors and darker colors that are harder to see in the muddy waters. 

Final Thoughts

Rising water levels don’t have to be a burden, and with the right tactics, you can catch just as many fish when it happens. 

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